100 Random Things

1. My favorite colors are blue and green. I find them soothing.
2. I’ve watched Star Wars and Young Guns a couple of hundred times each
3. I could eat spaghetti and meatballs every day for the rest of my life
4. I really want to learn to play an instrument. I’m thinking the Congas.
5. I drove once. I think it was 1990 or 1991. A co-worker was teaching me. I almost crashed the car into the flag pole and John Marshall Sr. Highschool
6. I originally went into IS because I thought that was what obese nerds did. At least it was the only thing that interested me locally at the time
7. When I was much younger I wanted to get an engineering degree and then go to med school
8. I’ve lived in Europe for a time when I was a kid
9. I also lived in California for a time. I thought it was weird that the temperature was in the 70’s on Christmas Day.
10. I’ve had pets almost my entire life. Mostly cats, some goldfish. I now have 2 cats and three dogs.
11. I feel the most comfortable around people who have had difficult upbringings/lives
12. I’ve had a crippling lack of faith in myself since I could remember
13. Despite #11 I know that logically I can do anything I set my mind too.
14. At times I have difficulty dealing with people. This is very apparent in new situations….which seem to happen often
15. I crave adventure
16. For about 15 years or so I didn’t want any pictures taken of me. I was too ashamed
17. I now want to capture every moment to prove that I exist
18. Kids love me. I have no idea why.
19. I’m sarcastic. No, trust me. You’ve never seen that side of me. I hide it relatively well.
20. I’m ok with apologizing when I make a mistake
21. I like being a little cocky or boisterous. It makes me feel good. Don’t assume my well isn’t deep. You’ll get to see it if you take the time to know me….or just asl me a question.
22. My celebrity crushes are Sigourney Weaver, Mariska Hargitay, Jamie Lee Curtis and Gina Carano. What can I say, I love women who can kick a little butt.
23. I dig chick flicks ~ I’m keeping my man card
24. I don’t drink often. When I do it doesn’t take much to make me feel “happy”. I’m extra flirty after I have a couple of drinks
25. Tears for Fears is the greatest band ever
26. I don’t have a tattoo. I’ll probably never get one
27. Regarding #26, I love how a tattoo looks on a woman when it has some meaning and she knows what she wants.
28. I don’t follow directions very well
29. Usually I can just wing something. This led to me never really preparing for anything.
30. The thought of loose skin (really the surgery after wards) scares me
31. The thought of finally dating scares me more than anything else
32. I want a bunch of kids
33. I want to let my artistic side soar
34. I don’t like gory movies. “A Nightmare and Elm Street” and the “Friday the 13th” series are fine. The newer movies are just insane.
35. I miss New York City but I don’t think I would ever live their again. I could be wrong.
36. I love the web and technology
37. I’m not a bad writer
38. Didn’t enjoy unflavored coffee until November of 2011
39. Mary Poppins in the bomb
40. I miss playing with my Legos and toy soldiers
41. My first Teddy Bear’s name is Teddy. I still have him
42. I want to do everything (art, martial arts, dance, earn more degrees, travel, learn a few languages, etc., etc)
43. I drink far too much diet soda
44. I’m a romantic
45. I finally know what I want to do when I grow up. Just need to figure out a way to get there
46. I worked at Hardee’s for over 4 years
47. My sleeping habits are horrible (it’s now 2:13AM)
48. I miss event planning with a team
49. I went to Catholic School for 6 years
50. Raised Catholic.
51. The first non-bar musical performance I saw was Chris Botti in December of 2008.
52. I like mini-vans. They’re comfortable
53. Favorite TV shows are “Dexter”, “Battlestar Galactica”, and “The Walking Dead”
54. I’m a Scorpio and a Rat
55. I’ve had crushes but haven’t been in love. It’s just a concept to me. I hope that doesn’t affect future relationships too terribly much
56. I’ve been morbidly obese all my life
57. I used to let myself be full of wonder and excitement. I really want to let myself feel that way again.
58. I’m becoming obsessed with personal growth
59. I’m an Introvert with a relatively high social battery
60. I really want to go on Safari…the camera kind
61. I want to drive a race car
62. My memory is pretty great
63. I am genetically diverse……or a mutt
64. Studied Tae Kwon-o for a while
65. Studied gymnastics for a while
66. I love archery and shooting guns….both at paper targets
67. I overuse exclamation points and emoticons only because if O don’t people will think I’m upset.
68. I don’t have any piercings
69. I love a Tuxedo Hot Chocolate (ask Eleanor and Anna at Press Coffee and Tea Shop about it!) oops, Press is now Cafe Steam and neither of them work there anymore.
70. I’m mildly anal retentive
71. I’m a food addict
72. I’ve completed 2, 5K’s. This is back in 2012. Would love to do this again someday.
73. I did Crossfit for about a year. I was probably the heaviest Crossfitter on Earth.
74. When I lived in Holland I picked up Dutch, German and French but forgot English. I had to relearn English when I moved back to the United States.
75. My favorite video game of all time is Tron.
76. I’m great at starting things, but horrible and finishing them. I always get in my own way.
77. I tend to only see the forest, not the trees.
78. I’m well-intentioned but I over commit.
79. I’m trying to manage depression, anxiety and PTSD
80. I’d like to move to Washington or Oregon state someday
81. I remember being more empathetic long ago. I’d like to recapture some of that
82. I’m a worrier
83. I love cooking for friends but couldn’t do it for the public
84. I’m a day dreamer
85. My knees and lower back are a wreck
86. I used to love reading comic books
87. The only bones I’ve broken are a couple of ribs
88. I enjoy karaoke.
89. I have sleep apnea
90. Patience is not a virtue I possess. At least not for myself. I have plenty for others
91. Criminals fascinate me
92. I want my parents to be able to see my transformation
93. I’d like to shave my head once just to give it a try
94. I need to get better at thinking things through
95. I think Black & White pictures are the bomb
96. At this moment I’m craving a Cuban Sandwich
97. I worked at Charter Communications for almost 5 years
98. I want to explore my inner warrior poet
99. I never enjoyed math before. I do now.
100. I have fairly good (and expensive) taste

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