When I walked outside of the house I noticed one peculiar little thing. It was snowing! There was already some significant accumulation on the ground and flakes were still aggressively floating to the ground. I sighed. I was hoping that Mother Nature would have settled down but no such luck.

I’m a little groggier entering the classroom today than I was yesterday. But I soon become filled with happiness a the class commences. Today, was again filled with incredible talks and discussions. We learned about forgiveness. It’s a great concept. The 17 minutes of meditation we got both days helped us all get refreshed and refocused. I’m going to incorporate this into my daily life.

Class ended at 3:45pm. I thought I’d have time to go home and get some sleep before going to work at 11pm. Well, I found out I have to work at 5pm to 3am. Yes, I was shocked and dismayed. A little bit of me died on the inside at the thought of not getting any rest, but I persevered.

The meditation over the past two days really did help.

By the time I exited the DAHLC all the snow was gone. Now that I can excited about.

I want to create a course for the schools around resiliency, starting with meditation. I’m in a good position to do so. I’m going to have to adapt it though and strip out anything which may be interpreted as religious.

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