Last week the temperature was in the 60’s. Today (and for the next week) the temp is in the mid to low 30’s. Yeah, super fun. It’s to be expected this time of year, but geez Louise, I want Spring!

Today was the first of two days of Dr. Amit Sood’s Transform class. I’m really excited about the program. All of it will help me become better at what I need to do for social bridging. The class runs from 8am to 5pm. I arrive at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at proceed to the 6th floor where the class is located. I can’t describe how nice the whole place is. It’s flippin’ gorgeous, soothing and pretty comfortable. I could get used to being in this environment.

My classmates are an eclectic bunch of people from across the US and Canada representing a variety of professions and stages of life. There’s even one 1st generation Dutch-Canadian in the group. We learned about neuroscience, and a high-level overview of the brain operates. Fascinating stuff.

The class ended early at 3:30pm. This gave me time to spend about an hour on the 7th floor atrium which is the entire floor. I stepped outside onto the patio for a bit before retreating to the inside where I sat on in a really comfy lounge chair next to a plant wall.

I then went home to do stuff and things.

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