My mind was lost in thought the past couple of days wondering what I’m going to do. While I have those degrees I still feel I haven’t accomplished anything. It may be weird to say but I don’t feel I’ve done what I needed to do to move my life forward.

When I went to Steam today I spoke with that one women (I forget her name) who owns Soupology. I spoke with her about te reunion and why I didn’t go. She understood. Although she wa the class President she’s never gone to hers either. We discussed my place in life, obesity, not really connecting with my classmates in the first place and not being in touch all these years.

It rained a bunch today. Actually it hailed. And it was awesome. I took a small nap. I felt alive today. It’s really the first time since I’ve been on vacation that I’ve felt alert. I can’t believe it’s taken 3.5 weeks to recover.

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